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6 July 2016, 7th meeitng of "Kiraku-bekkan"

For the 7th meeting, another young craftsman had joined.
They had been trained in traditional workshops, and at the same time
they look for novel modern designs suitable in our daily life.
Some of them works also for restoration of historical properties.

A master of Kabuki-actor said,
"Kata-kuzushi" is a style based on the traditional form, but with some new atmospheric change,
and conducted by trained people,
"Kata-nasi" is not any more a style, played freely by the people without basic knowledge,
technique or way of thinking.
 This is perhaps, common story both for scientist and craftsmen.

Mr.Ayabe had brought us different wood plate for the placard of "Kiraku-bekkan"
Some of then were from Edo-era (preserved more than 250 years, perhaps)

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