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2nd International symposium
WoodSciCraft 2016

20.-23. Sep. 2016, at Kyoto University
and other related facilities

Theme : Beauty and Technology in Wood Utilization

What is the WoodSciCraft Symposium?
The objective of WoodSciCraft is to create positive grounds for better mutual understanding of wood, by gathering the different approaches and knowledge carried by academic scientists and researchers, and by wood crafts(wo)men.

The 1st edition, held in France (Montpellier) in 2014 ( ) was a success with nearly 130 participants from 14 countries, harmoniously shared between physical & natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and crafts(wo)men of different woodworking specialities. Various formats of presentation were adapted to the diversity of participants and their occupations.
This 2nd edition in Japan will welcome propositions of oral and poster presentations, as well as commented demonstrations and/or commented exhibitions of wood craftsmanship.

Suggested topics for presentations
The Symposium welcomes proposals for presentations dealing with wood and its uses in craftsmanship, with 3 main general topics as follow:
1) Wood choice and supply
2) Wood seasoning and processing
3) Wood, human senses, and culture

All these topics can be addressed from different points of view and disciplines, such as:
a) Wood physics, chemistry, wood machining and handworks, surface finishing and evaluation, non-destructive evaluation of wood, architectural technology – associated to questions from traditional woodworking
b) Wood anatomy, ethnobotany, forest trade through history, diversity and variability of botanical species, trees and wood
c) Archaeology, history and/or anthropology of techniques, cross-cultural studies, intangible cultural heritage, sensory perception of wood
d) Craftsmanship practice, of course! As well as philosophy of craftsmanship

Open Symposium
One afternoon (on 22 Sept.) will be open to the public in order to promote the beauty and value of traditional woodworking and the interest and usefulness of wood science

Technical tours
in and around Kyoto City small group tours are organized to visit traditional craftsman workshops, restoration sites of historical wooden buildings, related institutes and laboratories. ( see Progamm )

Performance and Exhibition
commented demonstrations or exhibitions of woodworking techniques and realization will be considered at equality with talks to facilitate the participation and presentation of craftsmanship knowledge.

Supporters (involving planned)
Joint research seminars, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa
Convention Kyoto Bureau

The Kyoto University Museum
Kyoto University
Kyoto City
Kyoto Prefecture
La France au Japon
École française d'Extrême-Orient
Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology and Culture