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September, 20-23,

Oral session program

(time, presentation type, 1st author name, title)

Each presentation time includes discussion.
Keynote40-45 min
Long talk30 min
Talk and exhibition30 min
Regular talk15 min
Flash talk2 min talk + exchange

Day 1
Tuesday, Sep. 20th / Session venue: North campus, Kyoto Univ.
Japanese wooden architecture and craft seen from outside
09:00Opening remarks
09:20KeynoteBenoit Jacquet(Coming soon)
10:00Long talkMathieu PeetersTraditional Japanese Architecture outside Japan
10:30Coffee brake & announcement (tour, poster, open house, ...)
11:15KeynoteMechtild MertzAesthetical, technical and cultural aspects in Japanese woodcraft
12:00Regular talkBenoit JennThe past, present and future of a Japanese screen
12:15Lunch time
PMTechnical tours and exhibitions
19:00Open house with light meal (North campus, Kyoto Univ.)

Day 2
Wednesday, Sep. 21st / Session venue: North campus, Kyoto Univ.
Wood utilization: long history / new insights
09:00Opening remarks
09:15Regular talkClaire AlixFrom selecting to recycling - Thousand year old Wooden boats parts from archaeological sites in northwestern Alaska
09:30Regular talkMichael GrabnerHistorical wood craft-techniques - Documentary film: A way to safeguard knowledge
09:45Flash talkx 15 posters
10:30Poster session & Coffee brake
11:15Regular talkVeronika KotradyovaRoughness and other Surface Features of Wood Surfaces and their Role in Body
11:30Regular talkMasaki SugiyamaThe effects of wood on humans based on tactile, visual, and olfactory sensations
11:45Regular talkYosuke MatsudaQuantification of the subsurface damage in orthogonal cutting of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) by using a dic method and X-ray CT scanning
12:00Lunch time
PMTechnical tours and exhibitions
19:00Banquet (the restaurant "the SODOH" in Higashiyama area, Kyoto-city)

Day 3
Thursday, Sep. 22nd / Session venue: North campus, Kyoto Univ.
Challenges for woodcrafts
09:00Opening remarks
09:15Long talkKoji AdachiChallenges in Forest Resources Management for the Traditional Crafts in Tohoku district: A Case study of Oodate Bentwood Products (Oodate Mage-wappa)
09:45Regular talkHiroyuki YamamotoDimensional instability of wood
10:00Flash talkx 14 posters
10:45Poster session & Coffee brake
11:30Talk and exhibitionBernadette BackesA tentative of shading off treatments for restoring wood marquetry -a collaboration between workshop and laboratory-
12:00Long talkJane CobbiOldest Japanese woods in France, in a common village house from Kiso
12:30Lunch time
Open SymposiumCatherine LavierArchaeometrical contributions in the Japanese architecture in France: the pavilions of Albert Kahn’s gardens (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)
Hiroshi OyabuConsideration of Urushi industry in Japan -to make the stage for young successors-
Akira WatanabeA Comparative Research on the Historic Development of Architectural Techniques: the West and the East of the Eurasian Conflict
19:00Open house with light meal (North campus, Kyoto Univ.)

Day 4
Friday, Sep. 23rd / Session venue: the French consulate, Kyoto
Wooden musical instruments and related wood physics
09:30Opening remarks
09:45Long talkDavid Van EdwardsRe-making the theorbo for the Modern Age: a study in wood, design and craftsmanship
10:15Regular talkTakayuki OkochiA Wood Utilization Study of Top Plates of Domestically-Produced Violins from the Perspective of Dendrochronology, Featuring Standard Violins Manufactured by the Masakichi Suzuki Factory and High-end, Handcrafted Violins Made Between 1915 and 1930
10:30Coffee brake
11:00Regular talkNanami ZeniyaChanges in color and vibrational properties of wood due to accelerated ageing
11:15Regular talkRyo NakanishiPhysical properties of a reed (Phragmites australis) used for the vibrating reed of Japanese traditional oboe (Hichiriki).
11:30Regular talkPierre CabrolierPhysical and mechanical properties of Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens L.) - From the empirical knowledge to measured properties ?
11:45Regular talkIris BremaudTowards an 'ethno-bio-physical' vision of wood: Illustrations from wood uses by instrument makers
12:00Closing remarks
12:30Lunch time
PMTechnical tours and exhibitions

Technical Tour program
= Technical tours (small groups) in and around Kyoto City are planned, to visit
! Several tours are conducted simultaneously, attendee can choose from them.
! Each tour (fee charged) has a limit on the number of people, i.e., 10-15 persons.
! Previous entry is required (see Registration page).

Sep. 20th (Tue)
20-A:Modern architecture constructed with the traditional building techniques(max. 30persons)
20-B:Traditional wooden building and Japanese garden in Meiji era (max. 15persons)
20-C:Restoration site of a traditional Japanese wooden temple (max. 20persons)
20-D:Traditional technique for roofing and traditional wooden urban house in Kyoto (max. 10persons)*1

Sep. 21st (Wed)
21-A:Carpenter atelier and construction site of a house(max. 10persons)
21-B:Traditional technique for roofing and traditional wooden urban house in Kyoto (max. 15persons) *1
21-C:Restoration site of a traditional Japanese wooden temple (max. 20persons)
21-D:Master-hand of Adze: his tools and techniques,and Kitayama Maruta (a velvety and lustrous surfacepolished appearance) (max. 15persons)
21-E:Craftmans' atelier (wood turning) and Conservation-restoration center of national cultural properties (max. 10persons)

Sep. 23rd (Fri)
23-A:Laboratory of Japanese traditional lacquar "Urushi" (max. 15persons)
23-B:Craftmans' atelier (wood craft and Urushi works) (max. 15persons)
23-C:Restoration site of a traditional Japanese wooden temple and a studio of KYOSASHIMONO (Joinery and Wood Work) (max. 15persons)
23-D:The Kyoto university Museum and Traditional wooden building and Japanese garden in Meiji era(max. 15persons)

*1 We will provide a same program on 20th and 21st.

Poster session program

! A poster board provided is 900mm in width and 2m in height.
! In addition to the poster display, a 2 mins. brief oral presentation (flash talk) of the content of the poster has to be made.
! This 2 mins. presentation is a parallel oral presentation which should be supported by one slide.

No.Flash talk day1st author nametitle
P-01day 2
(21st, Sep)
Muriel BordessoullesArchaeometrical contributions in the Japanese architecture in France: the pavilions of Albert Kahn's gardens (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)
P-03Catherine LavierThe mystery of the "Japanese grand piano" at the Art and Industry Museum of Saint-Etienne (France)
P-05Catherine LavierWood studies on European sculptures and statues in the French museums: cultural wealth of collections and lack of analytical framework
P-07Catherine LavierWood for making boats: first review of current archaeodendrometrical studies in France
P-09Misao YokoyamaWood aging
P-11Naoko KizawaThe wooden combs’ species and manufacturing techniques from ancient times -Excavated combs, modern combs, and old documents-
P-13Suyako TazuruWood identification of wooden statues - Shishi-Komainu and Shinto statues-
P-15Takaaki KuyamaApproach to quantify the environmental and economic effects of utilizing wood produced and consumed in Kyoto Prefecture and analysis of the situation in local wood for each of the building components
P-17Mariko YamazakiDemand - Supply Balance of Japanese Forest Resources and Introduction of the Urban Wood Utilization PJ
P-19Shugo HottaEstimation of sensory roughness of coated wood surfaces by image analysis
P-21Masashi Nakamura Visual preference for and pleasantness of full-scale wooden walls with relatively simple design
P-23Mion YoshidaMeasurement of cognitive responses of humans observing wooden wall panels
P-25Nanoka KomeyamaQuantitative evaluation of appearance of coated timber surfaces
P-27Mariko KatoHow do we gaze at fiddleback figures?
P-29Katsunori OgawaVibration characteristic of double bass playing on a model stage floor
P-02day 3
(22nd, Sep)
Aya TakeguchiStrain change on surface of wood and Urushi layer under humidity controlled warm air treatment
P-04Yuta KatayamaEffect of Japanese traditional techniques of wood surface preparation, "Suri-awase" and "Ki-goroshi", on adhesive bond strength of edge grain joint
P-06Toshiyuki FukuiDamage detection of timber using vibration analysis
P-08Nao MurakamiPreservative Effect of Copper Plates Used for a Traditional Japanese Style Shake Roof
P-10Hitomi NakanoIn-situ copper measurements of the traditional wooden building with a hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyzer
P-12Hiroshi KurisakiThe distribution of copper in the metal plate mounted wood after outdoor exposure
P-14Masaharu NakaoFireproofing of Jaopanese cypress bark and wood single for roof materials
P-16Yumiko MurakamiInterdisciplinary Research on the Kyoto University Museum Archaeological Collection Archaeological and Wood Mechanics Survey on Excavated Wooden Artifacts at Karako Site, Nara, Japan
P-18Misao YokoyamaWood Science and Crafts in the Next Generation: Educational Picture Books for Kindergartener
P-20Masumi MinagawaRelationship between fore-split and strain distribution around cutting edge in slow-speed orthogonal cutting of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
P-22Hayato FurukawaQuantitative evaluation of fuzzy grain on sanded wood surface using acoustic emission generated by peeling of adhesive tape
P-24Mina OhnoStudy on Technology for Wood Quality Control in Drying
P-26Miwako MuroChange in thermal conductivity of wood caused by heat treatment
P-28Miyuki MatsuoHygrothermal recovery of wood: dimensional change by boiling and steaming
P-30Hiroyuki SugimotoOptical transparency of the impregnated and compressed wood